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About me


Turid Tarabay

My grandmother was a tailor. From her home in a small village in Western Norway she would create beautiful garments and hats just inspired by pictures, and her work was unbelievably perfect and detailed. This is where my passion for textiles comes from. The creativity in having a piece in my hand and making it unique.  I spent my teenage years sewing and recycling my own clothes looking for how to make them special, how to bring them to life and personalize them. My first experience with fabric dyeing was at art school, where I discovered batik, a technique I continued to explore for several years.

Later I made choices that took me in another direction, to different jobs, countries and cultures. Although I always kept my passion alive, I never really made time  to continue exploring this world that later would become my identity, my passion, my way of integrating nature with the environment.

It was only a couple of years ago, following a workshop on plant dyes on wool, my creativity was ignited again and I decided to take a leap of faith. I moved to the Mediterranean island of Menorca and dedicated my whole time to learning about and exploring the amazing world of plant dyes and natural colours. It felt like coming home, on all levels.

It's a continuous journey of learning, healing and evolving for which I am eternally grateful.


Member of ARTEME  /  The Menorca Handicraft Association
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