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My mission is simple. I wish to make unpretentious, original and wonderful things using materials and techniques harmless to the environment. With sustainability and preservation of nature as my driving force for creativity, I work exclusively with natural textiles; cotton, linen, silk and wool. I source organic and recycled material such as antique local linens and am presently also looking into the potentials of plant dyes on new sustainable fibres.


A philosophy that really inspires me is the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi; appreciating the beauty of imperfection, ageing and change. The art of natural dyeing rewards us with unpredictable, inconsistent and soulful results. It’s organic colours and patterns evolving with time and use, adding to its uniqueness and beauty. 


Through my work, I wish to inspire people to make conscious choices, buying long-lasting quality instead of cheap, synthetic and unsustainable materials.  We need to ask ourselves; Who made my clothes? What are they made of? What is the environmental impact of their production process, lifespan and decay? Plant dyed natural textiles have a smaller ecological footprint, can be mended beautifully and recycled before they will finally decompose and return to nature.

Most of the dyes are foraged locally and I’m intrigued by exploring the fauna of Menorca in search of new colours and prints for my creations.  Cooperating with local restaurants and florists,  I extract colours from food and plant waste and with the alchemy of water and fire infuse them into beautiful, eco-friendly and unique textiles.

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