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The organic wedding

Are you an eco-bride? How would you like to make your wedding  a statement of what you value in life? 

With our sustainable wedding decor and complements, you can add an organic  and elegant touch to the celebration, while respecting  and honouring nature. We are happy to assist you with ideas, also on how to find a second use for everything once the wedding is over. 

For the table: Naturally dyed napkins, table runners, ribbons etc

For the groom: Naturally dyed silk neck and bow ties and pocket quarters

For the bride: Naturally dyed  silk ribbons for her hair and bridal bouquet. And to make the memories last: silk shawl or kimo dyed and ecoprinted with the flowers from the wedding and her bouquet

For the guests: Wedding favours to take home

Contact us for more details and pricing at or give us a call at 623 011 976

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